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Soprano Saxophone Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone Baritone Saxophone
Sopranino Sax mouthpiece Sopranino Sax mouthpiece
Soprano Sax mouthpiece Soprano Sax mouthpiece
Alto Sax mouthpiece Alto Sax mouthpiece
Tenor Sax mouthpiece Tenor Sax mouthpiece
Baritone Sax mouthpiece Baritone Sax mouthpiece
Clarinet Sax mouthpiece Clarinet Sax mouthpiece
lLigature   Ligature
Cushion for Mouthpiece   Mouthpiece Cushion
Sahduoo Saxophone HistoryCushion for MouthpieceAbout Sahduoo Saxophone
Music is the best friend who knows us well.
People are given different innate talents by God such as art and music. Countless musicians have made countless melodies. In loneliness and happiness, music helps you spend wonderful time with your mind wide open.

Music is endless creation. It lets you scream from the deepest of your spirit. By inspiration and creation of music, people are able to show their talents and create beautiful and amazing melodies, sing the life, create historical lyrics and endless tunes.

We are touched by wonderful music and continue making good quality of musical instruments. The musical instruments are carefully and sincerely made by us. They help players show off the skills. Musicians can play beautiful and wonderful music and bring joy for listeners.
Music will be played endlessly. These will be the best gift for us who made the musical instruments. Through the musical instruments, we will be able to create art continuously.

Making mouthpieces is the happiest thing for me. The inspiration shows up sometimes. This makes me create an incredible art work. The mouthpiece lets players show their taste and play the music well.
The sound is powerful, sonorous and smooth, making you yell from the bottom of your heart. Musical instruments help music players show skills and perform well. I experienced by myself and finally I found the most suitable for me. I feel so happy in doing this artistic work. This is the greatest comfort and achievement for us, and we will continue to engage in creating artistic instruments.
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